Club de Lucien Storyboard

Club de Lucien, was written in May 2011, in Racine WI, USA after a rainy day. It is about a Jazz Night Club and the session musicians that perform there. Located on Rue de Mar in a notorious fictional district of Paris, 1920’s, it is the story's main stage.
The images were compiled by the utilization of the MidJourney Artificial Intelligence Unit by using well structured prompts. One scene, was Photoshopped (the scene with the mic), during July 31st & August 1st, 2022. The author is Tony Evreniadis, who also acted as the Art Director, having in mind of filming a short in the near future.
Audio that accompanied the scriptwriting, was that of Miles Davis, RIP.

©Tony Evreniadis aka Visualize, ©2011–2022, All Rights Reserved.
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