The following mockups are from an assignment for the MicroMasters Certification
by the University of Michigan, School of Information via
Design Problem
In the professional collaborative environment, numerous digital collaborative tools exist (Asana, Basecamp etc.) that serve this purpose. Teams utilize these tools either because a research has been conducted by the respctive corporate department that found that tool to be effective and easy to use, or because that is what a sales department has considered the most inexpensive tool according to the corporate budget.
In everyday social life there are various projects or collaborations that groups of people work together on. One of those can be a volunteer environment where all work together towards a purpose. Design, besides the commercial aspect can also sevre as a mechanism that can educate and contribute to an effective experience both on a personal and social level.
Taking this under consideration, an app that may display a set of problems/issues that one might encounter in everyday life, can be designed and programmed to guide to a specific issue one may be experiencing. A subject field where the “topic” maybe entered and a process to understand possible solutions to that. Various approaches/processes to a design problem may prove helpful to providing a guiding path to resolve any other issue one may encounter.

This series of wireframes are indicative only for the presentation
of the idea and for understanding possibilities of developing a volunteer app.
Volunteer App
from Concept to Wireframe

Ideation option 01
Wireframes Option 1 Notes
1.    Welcome screen
2.    Task list / User profile & search field
3.    Volunteer groups list view
4.    Volunteer groups grid view
5.    Group task view
6.    Task entries view
7.    Last entry and member posts
8.    Member 1 post view
9.    Response view
10.    Submission notification 

Volunteer App
from Concept to Wireframe

Ideation option 02
Wireframes Option 2 Notes
1.    Welcome screen
2.   Group list
3.   Search field
4.   Group & task view
5.   Group & task entries
6.   Task entry edit
7.    User profile
8.   User profile save/logout
9.   Calendar view
10.  Calendar entry
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